As well as our Sunday services, there are several other groups that meet as we share life together. Use the drop-down menu for details of some of them.

We all need to connect with other people, and in different ways. We ‘belong’ in groups of different sizes, each with different strengths. We ‘belong’ at the public level, as part of a big crowd, at a concert or a football match. We ‘belong’ at the social level, at a party for example. We ‘belong’ at the personal level, with good friends, or family members. And we ‘belong’ at the intimate level, with those few whom we trust with our deepest hopes and fears.

We need to connect with others at all of these levels, but we cannot have as many intimate friendships as social contacts, or personal relationships as public connections (if you support a Premier League football team, you share something with thousands of others, but you can’t know them all).

So at St Peter’s, we have a variety of ways in which you can belong, because we recognise that not everybody is the same, or has the same need. If you have a close-knit extended family around you, you might not need to belong at a social level anywhere else. Regardless of our personality, we need to connect to others at all four of these levels – but not necessarily all four within the life of St Peter’s!

Sunday services are our public belonging. On the first Sunday of the month, at 7:00pm, some of us join with our friends at St James’ Church, our sister-parish on the other side of the Village. And from time to time, we gather with members of several Southport churches.

We would love to welcome you to the family at St Peter’s, and hope that you might find the way to connect that is most suited to you.