No service here 22nd and 29th March

Due to covid-19 restrictions there will be no services at St Peter’s on Sunday 22nd and 29th March.  Services will be held at St James and St John’s as usual.

St James’ 8.30am Holy Communion 10.30am Family Worship

St John’s 9am Holy Communion 10.30am Family Worship


Holy Week Services

9th April Maundy Thursday 7pm

Joint Birkdale Service and Agape Supper at St James’ Hall, Lulworth Road

Tickets are available from the Church Offices. Suggested donation £5


10th April Good Friday.

10.30am Joint Birkdale Service at St John’s Birkdale, St John’s Road

1pm Lunch at St Peter’s Parish Centre- home made soup and roll

2pm An hour at the Cross at St Peter’s. A period of quiet with reflections and readings. Families welcome to join us for lunch and in church.


12th Easter Sunday

10.45am Family Communion.


Everyone is welcome to join us at all of the services.