the Chancel and Choir

This is the space at the very front – the east end – of the church: at St Peter’s, it is filled with painted angels.


The universe is vast, and much of it is beyond our knowing. This beautiful space assists us in contemplating such wonders…



The universe is vast, our Earth a blue jewel teeming with life.  Some things are so far off, we need a telescope; others, so small we need a microscope.  The wonder of it all has inspired poets and scientists and artists and songwriters and astronauts and – well, every one of us at some time or another!

The Choir stalls are surrounded by angels, spinning in infinity, looking down on us.  Sit in this space.  Look up.  Look around.  Let your imagination take you deep beneath the ocean waves, or to distant galaxies.  Do you feel small?  Do you feel alone…or loved?  Is this all chance?  And if it is, is it meaningless?  Are God and our world really incompatible, or are we held in the hands of a Creator who still sustains life?

Here are some Psalms you might like to read, on the theme of the wonder of creation and the mystery of the universe:

Psalm 8

Psalm 19

Psalm 93

Psalm 147

Psalm 148