the War Memorial

This is in the north transept, the space to the left-hand side as you look towards the front.


Contemplate the tragedy of war, and pray for peace…

Sit beneath the list of names, young men of this parish who did not return from war – from The War To End All Wars, and The War (So Soon) After That.  Consider the tragedy of war, and our inability to decommission our weapons and turn them into agricultural implements (an image from the Bible).  Pray for peace.

You might like to light a candle, as an expression of prayer for someone known to you who is serving in the Armed Forces: that they may be a light in the dark corners of the world; and that, fragile though they are, they might not be extinguished.

Along with the Roll of Honour remembering those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars, you might like to add the name of someone known to you who is serving in the Armed Forces today – a Roll of Honour for the living, who give their lives for others on a daily basis.

Here are some Psalms you might like to read, on the theme of enemies:

Psalm 3

Psalm 9

Psalm 37

Psalm 43

Psalm 46